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Significance of 12th House - Houses in Janam Kundali

​If human life were to be analyzed closely, we realize that it is double faceted, with gain and pain/loss alternating at regular intervals. Although loss is an important aspect of life, there is an equal need to address and tackle this successfully. In this narration, let us read about significance of 12th house in horoscope.

How does the 12th house impact our life?

Astrologically speaking, 12th house in horoscope is the seat of loss and it includes sorrows, pains, and painful closures. The battle is half won when we know what to expect from the pains and gains. To be ready, both karmically and psychologically to face any phase of misfortune, rough patches, notwithstanding the lurking heavy expenditure that bogs us from time to time, we need the expertise of an adept astrologer who can help us with his time-tested advice. Let us try to gain insight into and understand how the 12th house impacts our life.

What are issues associated with a weak 12th house?

The twelfth house sheds light on several unsettling issues that it is known to be associated with, and there are a few interesting facts with regards to this house of negativity.: We oftentimes, observe that some of our tightfisted relatives and friends suddenly go on a splurge, spending extravagantly, only to get reduced to paupers in the next instant. However, for a few of us, it may even mean imprisonment, isolation, and restrictions of any kind. it is at this time that we tend to morally downgrade ourselves by responding negatively to painful situations. There may be a fear of conspiracies from hidden enemies as well during this period. Getting deceived by scams, and blackmailers is a distinct possibility. Last but not the least, women may even face incidences of rape due to a defective 12th house. Physically it is known to cause problems with feet, eyes, and shoulders, and even the private organs. We must be extra careful while dealing with our superiors and colleagues at job and focus more on work and take care of our partners as there could be a loss for us in either scenario due to twist of fate. These issues associated with a weak 12th house, can be mitigated if right steps are taken in this direction.

Can 12th house give good results also

Yes. 12th house can give good results also. Not necessary that 12th house always good negative results. We can expect good results from 12th house position. It allows us to deeply ponder over life and the problems that come along. Our perspectives on life undergo a sea change and help us become better individuals. Some of us may even contemplate spirituality during these times

For some,trips to foreign countries is a possibility. Pain may change some of us into better human beings and inspire us to be of service to mankind. It is surely a matter of pride and pleasure to be so humane and kind to long suffering people around us. This is the period where we work hard to clear outstanding debts while there is a strong chance of inheritance. of paternal wealth. Some of us may also occasionally visit hospitals, ashrams, and isolated places to feel the oneness with the downtrodden. The situations kindle our interest in religion and faith in God.

Here is an interesting insight into the matter. In this context, we should remember that our lagna/ascendant or the first house, is actually the 12th house to the second house. This works in the same manner with respect to all the subsequent houses in our horoscope.

What can be done to mitigate the malefic effects of the 12th house Certainly we can reduce the malefic effect of the 12th house. Not all the unfortunate events lead to negative consequences. Twelfth house in horoscope, on its own, is not always malevolent, No doubt it serves harm on our platter sometimes, but it confers good luck in certain aspects as well... It is a mixed baggage of luck signifying both good and the bad. Good aspect of planets on this house, placing of good planets and the planets lying adjacent to this house, lessen its negative impact. One can read more about 12th house in horoscope. There is a widespread belief that more than one planet in the 12th house brings on malefic results. However, it is equally true that many of us with good planets in the 12th house, have been victims of unforeseen disasters. Some people have thrived very well despite having a weak 12th house. It is all due to the planetary positions that alter the destiny of all of us in many beneficial ways. To top it all, being good in thought, action and words can have a significantly life altering effect on our life and destiny and reinforce our beliefs in the power of universal good ness. Read more about different houses in horoscope and how can take advantage from planetary transits.

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