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How Astrology Help in Right Business Selection

If you are about to step into a business of your own, firstly, before starting the venture, check the scenario from the astrological angle as well. Business cannot be carried out by your practical ideas alone. You can make the right business selection by astrology. Examine the houses, planets, and combinations that support the business venture in your chart. It is the hora, dashamamsha, and shashtyamsha, including the 2nd, 6th, 7th, 10th, and 12th houses, that give you an entirely clear picture of what is going to come your way. Each planet rules a particular area of business. It is better to study the combinations that augur well for business.

How does a business horoscope help?

What works for you as a person, may not work for the other. So, the best business idea can be procured by understanding the astrological possibilities in your chart. Business horoscope helps you to know what suits you and what suits you not.

Any business idea is an idea for life. It is ideal to invest all your time, energy, and capital into a business close to your heart. Astrology tells you when and how you should start the business, but what suits you is left to you to decide.

How do you decide if you are destined for business or not? The moment you are born, you will come under the clout of planetary confluence, and your birth chart is made. Some people commit the error of choosing business areas only as per their zodiac sign or planetary position in the horoscope. Unfortunately, they do not consider the practical aspects of running a business, insight, intent, and the circumstances.

There are many categories in business that we must carefully pick and conduct. You cannot decide whether you must continue with the management of ancestral property start your venture, solo or in partnership. The business also decides what your operational strategy should be, apart from the area of business that you need to select. This would all be as per the divine guidance from beyond.

How to select business using horoscope/Astrology

Selecting of business is done by considering the 2nd, 7th, and 9th houses, the planets present in these houses, and whether they support the ascendant in the tenth house.

The next step to think about is whether you do acceptably well in the chosen area of business or not. Mercury in the 2nd, 7th, 10th, and 11th house, present in beneficial connection with the rulers of the 2nd, 9th, and 10th house, allows business success. But, if the 2nd house is afflicted, either you will not show any interest in business, or you may start a business on a small scale. Of the 2nd lord in the Lagna, the chances of starting a

business at an early age are very strong. So, this is exactly how astrology pitches in to help you select business as a lifelong career.

Does horoscope help select business partners?

Partnering is not what you excel in if the 2nd and 7th houses or rulers are afflicted. Partnership with your wife or a close friend from the opposite gender is possible if benefic Mercury, Moon, or Jupiter are found in the 7th house. You will find success in partnership business if Mercury in 2nd house or the 7th house. So, studying these aspects in a horoscope helps select a partnership business.

How to make the business selection as per date of birth?

To each his own, and each business path is different from the other, and so are the levels of success achieved. Zodiacal signs offer the most important clue on your choice of business, and a detailed look into the business horoscope will let you know exactly what business stream you are destined to go ahead with. Here is a ready reckoner to glance over just in case you need to make business selection as per date of birth.

An Aries native would excel in real estate, internet, wealth management, internet-based businesses, and export-import.

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Taurus would succeed in administration, academic fields, fashion, management, and theater-linked businesses.

Gemini’s forte would be in medical businesses, water-related products, art, textiles, and management.

Cancer – will be proficient in chemical-related businesses, hospitality business, and the textile industry.

Leo will be exceptional in art-related business, share market and trading, and sports.

Virgo – Will surpass in travel and tourism and aviation businesses.

Libra will be the best at social and general media, fashion, and cyber-crime businesses.

Scorpio – Will lead the businesses in hospitality, restaurants, property dealerships, and research.

Sagittarius – Will outdo rivals in the furnishing business.

Capricorn – will stand out from the rest in the real estate, minerals, and steel businesses.

Aquarius will find success in defense and security-related businesses and import-export.

Pisces – Will be successful in the stock market, pharma, astrology, fashion, chemicals, graphic design, and internet business.

You can conveniently use the handy tool of business horoscope if you have several choices, you are unable to choose from. As per date of birth, business can be selected.

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